The Girl With the Goals: September Roundup

So there goes September – faster than a speeding bullet. Seriously, what happened to this month? I’m sure it was August last week! I’ve been setting goals all over the place these past few weeks, and now it’s time to see what I’ve accomplished.

Fitness: do a yoga session four times a week

OK, I hate to start on a downer, but this was an epic fail. I couldn’t find a space in my chock-a-block day to do it – at least not four times a week! But I will. I’m just in a season now where my baby still needs me at random times. And let’s be honest – transitioning from summer holiday maternity leave where I was waking up at 9 (sometimes 10!) in the morning and just taking it easy, to 6 am wake-ups with myself and three kids to get ready and off to nursery/school/work  – it’s tough. So I’m going to cut myself some slack with this one.

Diet: eat no more than four pieces of crap a week

I thought this one was going to be difficult, but actually it’s been a breeze. (Ask me again when it’s mince pie season!) I’ve actually eaten far less than four sweet treats a week because I’m simply not craving sugar like I used to. Who knows why? Maybe I really did break the habit of a lifetime! And at the moment, if ever I do want something sweet, I grab a bowl of natural Greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of honey mixed in and I’m OK. For real.

Health: do one health check every month

Check! I did it! Booked myself a dentist appointment when the kids were at school, with my lovely non-scary dentist Fanis. It was a good thing, too. It’s honestly been quite a while since I’ve been to the dentist (other than to get my wisdom teeth pulled out), during which time I’ve had two babies – and we all know pregnancy is notoriously bad for your teeth. It turned out I needed to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist (first time ever – and can I just say … ewww that sucky machine gives me the heebie jeebies). I also needed some kind of a coating on my one remaining wisdom tooth to stop it getting a hole in it, which would mean a filling in the future – no thanks! Luckily, as I said, my dentist is a gem and made everything as painless as he could – even the bill, which was only €40.

Self-care: do one unnecessary luxury thing each month

Also check! Again when the kids were at school. (What am I going to do now my maternity leave is over?!) I booked a session with the lovely massage therapist Dori, who came to my house one morning with her table, her jasmine oil and her relaxing music. For one hour I tried really, really hard not to think about what my kids were doing and what I was going to make for dinner and who I had to call later. And I partly succeeded. By the time the hour was up, I was full of a soft, fuzzy, sleepy feeling. However, Dori told me I had had a lot of tension in my shoulders and upper back caused by stress and – sure enough – in the evening I got a migraine.

(NOTE: Massage does not cause migraines in normal people! I suffer from migraines when I have been very stressed about something, and that something gets resolved. In this case, I didn’t feel stressed (about the baptism, school, work, visitors, my home, etc) but my stress was manifesting itself in my rock-hard shoulder muscles. When Dori worked all that tension out, my body’s stress-relief mechanism got activated. Which I find really interesting – everything is connected!)

So has getting a migraine put me off getting another massage? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s made me promise myself to get one more regularly. Clearly, it’s something my body needs. I could feel the difference in my upper back for days afterwards. It hadn’t been bothering me before, but after the massage it felt so much better!

Finance: to track my spending for a month and create a budget

Well, we’ll file this goal under in progress as a month hasn’t passed yet BUT I am tracking every single purchase – down to the last cent. I’m also getting some great pointers via email from Sami at A Sunny Side Up Life (actual email exchanges – this girl is dedicated to her students, even the free ones!) and from Jesse at You Need A Budget (again, the free trial!)

All in all, I think I did pretty well. It definitely helped to post these goals on my blog – it made me feel like the world was watching, so I had better take some action! Otherwise, I think most of them would have been intentions, which I’d promise myself I’d get round to later. However, I wouldn’t recommend broadcasting all your goals to the online world: the big ones, the ones that are in your heart, the ones that take nurturing and time and love – those are your personal property. Those are your dreams that are slowly being made into reality by your actions. Work hard at those, feed them, watch them grow – and when they are ready to be born, the world will see them.

Good luck with your goals, both large and small. And if you don’t have any, create some! Learning and growing, developing and bettering ourselves is what we were made for.