The Girl With the Goals: Fitness, Diet and Health

My eventful September is progressing at its own crazy pace – but that’s OK because I just had a super-long holiday and anyway: caffeine! So it’s time to lay out some of those goals I talked about in my last post. Some of them I’m keeping a secret, but some of them are getting the Blog Treatment … because then I’ve got you guys to hold me accountable! 

First up, fitness. I used to be a fitness freak. I’d go to at least one class a day – aerobics, swimming, boxercise, yoga, Zumba, Pilates – usually after work and before drinks! But then I had kids … and suddenly my time was owned by small people who were not interested in the condition of my abs. It’s not as if I’ve put on any weight, and I still walk miles every day, but I’m pretty sure I’m not as fit as I once was. So I’m going to get back on the fitness horse, but slowly … I haven’t got any ambitions to run a marathon!  My goal here is to do a yoga session four times a week in the comfort of my own home. Just a YouTube video when the kids are asleep … if you have any recommendations, shoot me the link in the comments below!

Future me … !

Next is the big one for me, diet. Urgh. I have no willpower. None. Zero. Zilch. I eat all day, whatever I like. A lot of it is good food (my husband’s a chef, FGS) and I love fruit and veg. But I also eat a ton of sugary crap and that is bad. I’m naturally slim and I literally can’t put on weight if I try, so I think I’m getting away with it, but I’m not sure what it’s doing to my insides. So I need to cut the crap, basically. Which is waaaaaay easier said than done when you have no willpower where food is concerned. At all. But here’s the goal: to eat no more than four pieces of crap a week. I don’t mean pizza or steak and chips – this is food – I mean not going to the supermarket on my lunch break, buying a 125 g bar of chocolate and chowing down the lot. … Baby steps.

Now we come to health. I don’t give this the due care and attention it deserves. I forget to go to the dentist, I’m terrified of the optician, I avoid doctors wherever possible. Except where my kids are concerned – then I’m right on it. So if I can vaccinate three kids on schedule, surely I can make time for a potentially life-saving pap test for myself? Yes, I will do one health check every month until I have completed all the necessary ones. Starting with the dentist, because my dentist is the least scary health professional I know.

Well, that seems enough to be getting on with. Keep an eye on me and feel free to publicly shame me if you see me scoffing a bag of Malteasers outside the office!