Sparkly Pencil Pots

A few weeks ago, the baby and I were hanging out in my favourite shop – where I spend far too much money – when I spotted some glittery pink, silver and blue in with the washi tape. Now, I’m not and never have been a glitter fan, but Middle Child loves all things pretty, pink and sparkly. (I have no idea why – my oldest is a complete tomboy). So I impulse-bought some sparkly washi tape. Which was a silly thing to do because I then had no idea what to do with it.

I soon got inspiration, however, from my ever-growing pile of rubbish which I intend to upcycle into beautiful home decorations. I’ve got a selection of cans I’m keeping for a kitchen storage project, and I suddenly though of a use for my new washi tape: Sparkly Pencil Pots!

This really is a five-minute craft – I made these sitting on the floor next to the baby while she drooled over her toys on her play mat. Here’s all the kit you need – plus a paintbrush and a little glue to secure the washi tape along the seam at the back.

First I painted the rim of the tin, then I added a bit of sparkle with the glitter nail varnish.

Then it was just a question of adding strips of tape to the tin – easy-peasy. Like I said, I also added some glue where the ends of the tape crossed over at the back to secure it. And the pencil holders were complete!

REMINDER! Just remember that these are old tins. With the ring-pull tins I buy these days, the edges aren’t that sharp, but it’s best to steer clear of them anyway. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any accidents! If you have small (or absent-minded) people using these pencil pots, take the extra precaution of covering the sharp edges in tape. You can even use glitter washi tape!