September is going to be a big month for me. The winds of change are blowing all over the place. But I’m excited for this. Change can be challenging, uncomfortable and a little bit scary, but change is also healthy, fun and often necessary. I’ve loved everything about this year, but I’m not looking backwards … September, bring it on!

First, I’m packing the two little ones off to nursery because my maternity leave is ending and I’m returning to work. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to break my heart just little bit. I have LOVED these 10 months with my girls and I totally want to be a stay-at-home-mom more than ever. BUT I’m not going to look at this shift as the end of our happy time together … I’m determined to view it as the beginning of an adventure for them and for me. We’re growing and spreading our wings and that is natural and healthy and good.

Second, I’m planning and throwing the baby’s christening/party single-handed (literally, because I’m always carrying her!) I so love parties and the planning and organisation that goes into them. I’ve enjoyed the research, ordering, designing and making of everything – plus the shopping trips with my cousin who will be the godmother! But truth be told it’s a bit nerve-racking organising a ‘do’ like this in a fairly traditional country. I’m worried I’ve forgotten something important, or made an enormous faux-pas, or done something that will offend everyone. Still, I’m determined not to get stressed about it, but to enjoy the party. I know it’s my daughter’s christening, but in my head it’s a celebration of my family – of who we are, what we’ve been through and what we have become.

Third, I’m turning 33 midway through this month. In a way, this is the hardest one for me – I used to love birthdays (parties, drinks and cake!), but after about 25, every year I disliked my birthday a little bit more. I still feel 18, and I hate the way the years are flashing by … and the fact I’m not 18 anymore. Not even close. The worst was when I turned 30 during the most difficult period of my post-natal depression. I remember how poor Mr Chef drove me and the baby all about the city, buying me coffee and lunch and treats even though we had no money to spare, trying to find something to make me smile. And failing completely. But that was then and this is now. So I’m turning 33 … and look what I have done: travelled the world, had a blast, married the love of my life, moved to the country of my dreams and made three beautiful babies, to name but a few. I may have lost some time to depression, but on the whole I think I made the most of those 33 years and I know I’m going to make this year count. I mean – 33, three kids, Three Little Birds, three little words … this has got to be the start of a charmed year, right?!

Finally, I’m setting some goals, both great and small. Lifestyle goals, homemaking goals, personal goals, financial goals … everything is long overdue a makeover and, now I’m back in charge of my own mind, everything is going to get it. I don’t want to hear anything about being on my own with three kids (Mr Chef is working on the island till October) while being back at work and keeping the house running. I can do this and I will. Just check out this image from my friend at the beautiful blog made by demi

I have been the girl who decided to go for it – travelling, going to university, moving to Greece – and I am still that girl, but older and wiser. Watch this space. Watch me shine. September is the month the transformation begins.

It’s easy to write big words on a little screen, but when real life gets in the way, it sometimes makes our ambitions difficult to achieve. Wish me luck this month. Wish me strength and courage and determination, and believe me when I say I wish the same for you.

Hello, September – I’m ready for you!

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    • Kat says:

      Thank you! And you’re welcome … you have a beautiful blog and both you and Mr D are an inspiration. Love you!!

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