Hello Kitty Cookies

Here in Greece, name days are a thing. It’s when you celebrate if you have the same name as the saint whose day it is. And there are A LOT of saints in the Greek Orthodox religion, so there’s plenty of opportunity to celebrate! It’s common for kids who are celebrating their name day to take treats to school or nursery for their classmates and teachers. This year, Middle Child requested Hello Kitty Cookies (pronounced ‘Hello Titty Tooties’, which sounds filthy) and I was happy to oblige … in the dead of night when the baby was sleeping.

I made sugar cookie dough – my own recipe, developed after careful research and munching my way through many trial batches … life is tough. Then I used my Hello Kitty cutter (ordered from Hong Kong via eBay – dirt cheap, but took six months to arrive!) to stamp out the cookies and the sugar paste to decorate. I also have a bow-shaped spring cutter for the bow.

Such cute cookies, I think you’ll agree! I packaged them in individual bags, so the kids could take them home instead of chowing them down at nursery. I don’t want to be the one responsible for getting 23 two and three-year-olds on a sugar high in an enclosed space – I want the teachers to like me!!