DIY Christmas Wreath

I’ve never owned or bought a Christmas wreath before, but I got a spring-themed one from my mother-in-law at Easter and I’ve had it hanging on my front door ever since – I love it! So I decided to make some Christmas ones as gifts to spread the seasonal wreath love.

Actually, another reason I decided to DIY wreaths was that I found these polystyrene circles in my local craft shop for under 2 euro (and believe me, there is very little in that shop that costs less than 2 euro – just ask my wallet!) I also picked up some material and decorations from my local ‘euro shop’ and got to work.

These wreaths, once you have gathered the materials, are really a 5-10 minute craft. And they look pretty good, too. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a polystyrene ring
  • material cut into strips
  • decorations (fake flowers, Christmas baubles, ribbon, etc)
  • a glue gun
  • about 15 cm string/ribbon
  • a drawing pin

1. Fix one end of a strip of material to your polystyrene ring and wind it – tightly – around until the whole ring is covered. Glue down the end (on the back, obviously!)

2. Arrange your decorations and then use your glue gun to stick them down.

3. Make a loop of string or ribbon and push the drawing pin through the knot. Use a little hot glue to fix it to the back of your wreath, taking care to place it behind the centre of the decoration – you want your wreath to hang straight!

And that’s it. A simple, straightforward DIY gift. Handmade with love!

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