Three Little Birds is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with any other organisations. The content I provide on this blog, unless otherwise stated, is the product of my own rambling thought processes. If I’ve been inspired by someone else’s ideas, I will link back to the source. Please do the same for me – you only get what you give!

Everything I write is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate. However, I’m only human. And I’m a working mum with three kids, so some days I’m less than human. Therefore, there may on occasion be omissions, errors or mistakes. I am also not responsible for the content of comments on my blog, or the blogs they link back to, although I will do my best to head spammers and haters off at the pass. So I reserve the right to delete any comments I believe are inappropriate.

Three Little Birds is a blog for entertainment/informational purposes only. It tells the story of my own experience of post-natal depression and the recovery process. It shows snapshots of my life now, which reflect my thoughts and opinions, my love of food and my attempts at crafts and home improvement. It also gives advice, ideas, tips and tricks on how you can begin living and loving life fully. You follow this advice at your own risk – I am not a doctor, psychologist, life coach or other professional. I’m just a happy girl who wants you to be happy, too!

As Three Little Birds is a personal blog, I reserve the right to change its focus, go AWOL, shut it down or change its terms of use.

That’s enough legal for one day (unless it’s your job). Now go live and love your life fully!