DIY Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

My parents live half a continent away and I miss them. I imagine they miss me too, and their three little granddaughters even more so. I send them photos and drawings, and one of the things I gave them a few years ago was a picture with all our handprints on. My dad asked me for an updated version, including the latest addition (aka Giant Baby), but I thought I could go one better than a piece of card this year.

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DIY Menu Board

Who does meal planning here? I do! It saves me money and stress and trips to the shops. But the problem I have is that I write the meal plan in my bullet journal, but sometimes Mr Chef does the cooking. He doesn’t have the bullet journal, so if he gets home first, he calls me and asks me what’s for dinner. There’s a simple trick to solve this problem – write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge – but wouldn’t it be nice to have something prettier? Continue reading