Back to School

This post is not really about me, but it has affected my life so much that I feel it’s worth a mention. I described in the post Living to Work how my husband’s long-term unemployment was affecting his mood and our relationship. Well, this continued for two and a half years, until after our second daughter was born. Continue reading


One of the many things I didn’t know about post-natal depression before I suffered from it was how it affects your memory. I can remember, in crystal clear detail, so many things from the early days of my oldest daughter’s life. Not just the big things – the first time I held her, the first time we took her out in the pushchair, her first tooth – but the tiny day-to-day details like her expressions and the cute noises she used to make. Continue reading

Days of Darkness

I used to believe that depression was something which would never affect me because I am, by nature, a happy and optimistic person. Which is an ignorant, even idiotic, thing to believe. I found out the hard way that depression can affect anyone – and that it is a terrible, terrifying illness which will destroy your life, your mind and everything you thought you knew about yourself. Continue reading

Sick and Tired

I suffered from post-natal depression after my second baby and it was the lowest point – and almost the end – of my life. What I didn’t realise at the time – what I only realised recently, in fact – was that the slow slide into depression began even before my pregnancy. Continue reading

Love Beyond

It was a Friday afternoon and I was at work when I first knew something was wrong. I called three different doctors and they all advised me to go home and rest, which I did. But by Saturday morning I was experiencing heavy bleeding and, because the public hospital was in the city centre, for the first time in my life I visited a private doctor. He told me that my baby was ‘gone’ Continue reading

Living to Work

My husband and I always said we wouldn’t be like those people who work their fingers to the bone in a job they can’t stand for money. We thought a big car and expensive holidays wouldn’t be worth it (for us) if we were just living for the weekend. Continue reading



The simplest way to explain my dream and my decision to move to Greece is by copy-pasting something I wrote just before I left the UK in August 2011. I’m warning you, it’s a bit of an essay, so fix yourself a drink and get comfortable! Continue reading