Planning Old Skool (or Ode to My Bullet Journal)

Nobody wants to start the New Year in a flurry of disorganisation, do they? So today I’m going to talk planning. … It’s so uncool, right? It makes me feel like that kid in class who not only bothered to write revision notes, but also highlighted them in multiple colours. But I’ve got to do it. I’ve got three children in school/daycare – with all the accompanying paraphernalia/activities/trips/strike days  that includes. I work and I still need to run my household. Plus, my OH is awesome, but he’s also a chef and sometimes works crazy hours (or more than crazy – like when he went to an island for 5 months last summer, working seven days a week until 1 or 2 am). Oh, and my memory is rubbish – I need backup. Continue reading

Too Much Stuff

For some reason, I always assume other bloggers live in light, airy, pristine houses with white walls and parquet flooring. Maybe it’s the kind of blogs I read. Maybe it’s the photos people post. Maybe I’m just a bit weird. … Well, today I’m coming at you with some home truths (see what I did there?) I’m a blogger now and I’m confessing to you that I live in a tiny apartment with no insulation and a mould problem. I’m telling you the decor is from the 1980s (not my choice) and pretty much everything is brown (definitely not my choice!) Worst of all, I’m admitting that it’s in a right old state. Continue reading