My Adopted Grandparents

It’s impossible for me to write – or think – about Kerkyra (Corfu) without thinking of my adopted grandparents. They were actually Mr Chef’s paternal grandparents and two of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met. Their names were Christos and Efthimia, but everyone knew them as Ito and Mia. Continue reading

The Village

The people of Kerkyra (Corfu) have an accent that I’ve heard other Greeks describe as ‘singing’ – the same way some English people might describe the Welsh accent, I guess. I don’t find it difficult to understand, but some Corfiots use Italian words occasionally, which always baffles me! I suppose a lot of people speak English because of the tourists, but not so much in our village (or at least not to me!) Continue reading

The Island

The first time I arrived in Kerkyra (Corfu), nineteen years old, I travelled by ferry boat with my boyfriend.  We came to the island just as the sun was rising and my first glimpse of Poli Kerkyras (Corfu Town) had me spellbound.  Clear sky, blue sea and buildings the colour of sandstone, built in the Venetian style, bathed in the early morning light. What an introduction! Continue reading


A lot of Athenians have a ‘village’ where they (or their parents, or their grandparents) lived before they moved to Athens. For my family, that village is on the island of Kerkyra (Corfu) – and if you’ve been watching the ITV series The Durrells you’ll know just how lucky we are! Continue reading

True Love

In my post Exodus, I shared what I wrote just before I moved to Greece in 2011. It was a love story started by a family trip to Cyprus when I was still in high school. Afterwards, I visited other places in Europe – France, Belgium, Portugal – and the rest of the world – Thailand, Australia, Fiji. Although New Zealand is, in my opinion, the most stunningly beautiful place I’ve been to, it was Greece that got under my skin. And I can’t even explain why. Yes, I could make you a list of all the things I love about Greece, but I could also make you a list of all the things I love about the UK, where I’m from. Or one of all the things I loathe about Greece. … True love is complicated. Continue reading