In a nutshell, the three loves of my life are good food, my adopted homeland, Greece, and my family. I’m all about living and loving life fully and inspiring you to do the same.

So what’s the story? Well, without going too David Copperfield (the novel, not the illusionist) on you guys, I grew up in a happy home, had a bunch of good friends at school and university, went travelling, married the man I fell in love with, and moved to the country of my dreams … but I was only really rolling along, letting life happen to me, living in greyscale. Then a series of events – the isolation of moving to a foreign country, a miscarriage and finally post-natal depression – dragged me down to a really dark place. But, to paraphrase Haruki Murakami, I came out the other side of the storm … and I am not the same person who went in. If you want the details, check out the posts on the My Story page of this blog.

How have I changed? I can’t begin to count the ways. I’m more tolerant, less judgemental; I don’t have time for petty arguments or people who try to bring me down. I see beauty all around me, I can appreciate what I have, and I don’t take everything for granted. My life seems more abundant, the way I live more purposeful. I realise how truly blessed I am. I am full of love and happiness, and most of all I feel alive. In short, stress, anxiety and anger no longer rule my days and nights. I have finally learned to live by the message of Bob Marley’s three little birds – hence the name of this blog. I have learned not to worry, because – somehow – every little thing gonna be alright.

Why did I create this blog? Partly as a creative outlet, partly as a record for myself, and partly because I want to give hope to others who are walking through the dark like I was. But mostly I want to inspire people to live and love their lives fully, too.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at kat@threelittlebirdsonline.com or follow me on Instagram #livingandlovinglifefully.